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How to Dry Ski Gloves – 4 Easy Steps with Tips, Tricks & FAQs

how to dry ski gloves
Written by Brian G Smith

So many of us love skiing and snowboarding! But this great fun comes at a price in form of wet ski gloves.  You need them clean and dry so you don’t have to compromise on the pleasure of your skiing activities.

How do you dry your ski or snowboarding gloves and keep your hands warm when gliding down all of those fabulous slopes? Just follow our guide!

How to Dry Ski/Snowboarding Gloves?

Step 1 – Tie a line across a warm room in your house to hang your gloves and dry

Step 2 – Pat your gloves with a towel to extract any excess water inside

Step 3 – Hang your gloves’ liners and shells fingers up on the line and make sure they’re clipped. Also, remove any external layering and hang the pair to dry separately.

Step 4 – Check the pair often to see if they’re drying well. You could consider switching fingers so the part clipped on also dries better.

Tip 1 – You could add a clothespin for better clipping of the gloves.

Tip 2 – If your detachable is made of wool, consider drying it thoroughly with a towel for effective drying.

Tip 3 – If you choose to dry the pair with a blow dryer, follow the above steps and aim the dryer at each glove until completely dry. Do not forget to turn it inside out.

dry ski gloves

Drying Synthetic Gloves

When drying synthetic gloves, it is crucial that you maintain their external waterproof layer. Make sure that you pat the glove dry gently with an absorbent towel.

You could either blow dry it with a glove blow dryer or do it the traditional way mentioned above. Synthetic gloves and ski masks usually need less care when compared to leather gloves.

Drying Leather Ski Gloves and Mittens

  • Leather gloves or mittens should be handled with extra care as they could crack easily
  • Avoid wringing or squeezing the gloves as this could upset the stitching of it
  • Do not leave the pair under direct sunlight
  • Hang each glove by its fingertips to dry

Drying Gloves Using a Boot Dryer

You can use a boot dryer but keep in mind that:

  • It has a preset option for drying because the high heat setting for boots could damage the gloves
  • It should preferably have an automatic setting for heat and shut off because that will help avoid the hassles of high heat
  • If you’re using the portable version to carry around, make sure it has a USB connector, low noise, and it folds easily

Drying Gloves Using a Blow Dryer

You can also use your blow dryer since the heat produced is minimal and hence doesn’t damage the gloves. You could also consider a hair dryer because it produces even lower heat. Always see to that the dryer isn’t too close to the gloves for extra safety.

Drying Gloves Using a Heat Vent

This is a doable option for those who prefer shortcuts to warm gloves. The only step needed to be followed here is to ensure you wash the gloves well. Lay the gloves over the heat vent and keep a watch on them to have an all-round dry pair.

Drying Gloves Naturally

Setting your gloves out is the best way to make sure that your gloves are dry with no residual smell left in them. Do not try this in humid weather though because this could lead to fungal growth and infections.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Always test the heat before using nontraditional equipment such as boot dryers
  • Avoid microwaves, ovens or radiators because they may react with the metal or material
  • Do not strain the glove material in anyway, especially leather as it tends to form cracks
  • Never dry you gloves close to an open flame or turn them inside out to dry
  • Certain gloves may have color dyes that may bleed

After Wash Gloves Care

After washing your gloves it’s important that you seal the deal. You could always refer to your manufacturer’s instructions on after-wash care.

Here are a few tips:

  • Synthetic gloves may need a water repellent spray
  • Leather conditioners smooth out the gloves post washing


Good ski gloves are expensive. Taking care of the gloves right will assist them with performing at their peak. So here are some safety moves to save your ski glove from getting ruined.

Act immediately: if you let your ski gloves wet, there is a higher chance of fungus inside it. letting it wet for longer also causes a foul smell which is quite challenging to get rid of. Make sure you dry them immediately.

Don’t Twist and Turn: What do we do when our gloves get wet? We twist and turn our gloves to take out the moisture, but for nylon gloves, it causes pretty much damage to the gloves. The gloves are made of fabric or wool you can twist to make them dry. turning the gloves inside out is definitely not a smart idea.

Lined Gloves: If you have a lined ski glove, try to avoid it to turn inside out. It tends to be a mind-boggling task to turn it into place.

Ignore direct heat: do not dry the gloves under direct heat or sunlight for a long period of time. It can cause shrinkage in materials. If you let your glove in extreme heat It can burn or ruin your ski gloves.

After Drying & Maintenance

After dealing with your ski gloves, you should make it happen appropriately. You can follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for extra maintenance.

  • After drying your ski gloves, you can apply some leather conditioner or balm, it will help to increase durability, and smoothness, and stop them from cracking.
  • Place them in a dry and cool place after drying them


You’ve invested a lot of time and money on the right pair for yourself, they’re sure to return the favor. When done reading all the dos and don’ts above, go ahead and ski down the slopes without any worry.


1. How do you waterproof ski gloves?

Ans: There are some waterproofing adhesive you can use for leather which are Nikwax and Sno-Seal. Some of the waterproofing products can clean the gloves without baking. No-Seal wax can be applied inside the gloves and can be cleaned using a boiler or other heating source.

2. How do I stop my gloves from smelling?

Ans: Take an apple cider vinegar and pour one tablespoon of it into your hand or on a clean cloth. Then polish inside your gloves with it. Next, let your gloves dry overnight in a ventilated place. Then see the results in the morning, your gloves no longer smell bad or stink. However, if your gloves still smell bad then apply the same process again. 

3. How do I dry the inside of my gloves?

Ans: Take two bottles, place them in a warm room, and put the gloves over the neck of the bottles. the bottles will make a way to go through the finger of the gloves. After putting them overnight you should get the dry gloves by the morning.

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