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How to Fold & Unfold a Scooter with 5 Troubleshooting Tips

how to fold a scooter
Written by Colin Kint

If you want to zip gently around your neighborhood, then a Razor scooter will serve perfectly. The most amazing part of the scooter is that you can fold it once you are done riding, and the procedure involved in this is pretty simple.  Both the Jr. and adult kick scooters are designed with levers attached that can help you collapse the scooter once you are done.

If you are folding a razor scooter, you will need to check the components and ensure its void of rust and that all components are in a suitable working condition.  Below is a step-by-step process you can adopt to get a head start.

How to Fold a Scooter – Step By Step Tips

folding a scooter

Releasing the locking levers

  • Step on the scooter with one of your feet, ensure it on a dry ground.

Release the lock mechanism once you are certain that the scooter is stable enough on the ground. Now you will need to position your foot in between the wheels directly on the foot-stand.  Use your hands to hold the handlebars and press your foot downwards, this will help create more motion.

  • Open up the clasp located at the steering column

The front part of the scooter that has a handle and creates a connection between the footpads, can be adjusted. Use a metal that is round in shape that runs halfway the handlebars. One part of the lever is made up of a clasp that you can easily use to adjust the scooter.

  • Press the release button located on the handle to slide the grips

There is a small button located at the rear part of the scooter handlebar.  The button is situated ahead of you when you are standing directly on the scooter. You will need to push the buttons, and pull the grip aside from other parts of the scooter. Repeat this process on the other side of the grip.

  • Press down the column

Once the clasp is released, you can adjust the steering column. To start the folding process, you will need to press down the handlebars using the right hand, while you hold the steering column with the other hand. The column will gradually lower itself into the scooter main part.  Afterward, close the clasp by closing it; this will ensure the steering column is in place.

  • Turn over the scooter, and ensure you hold the steering column

Once you step away from the scooter, you will need to flip it. Remember, you loosed the steering column, so it’s important to grip the handlebar firmly to control the scooter from sliding away. The handlebar can be supported with parts of your body or the ground to prevent the steering column from popping out of the scooter.

  • Press down the joint-release lever that is located underneath the scooter

Once the steering column is still, get to the joint-release lever using the other hand. It’s located in front of the wheel, adjacent to the column that creates a connection to the footpad. Turn the lever to the other side and release the lock mechanism.  Once it turned, the entire parts of the scooter fold up automatically; making it easy for you to move it around.

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Troubleshooting a stuck scooter

  • You will need to drag the joint and release the lever to set the steering column-free.

Ensure the latch is free and not fixed to a point. When the latch is closed, it points downwards facing the front of the wheel.  Drag it up to get it pointing in the direction of the handlebars. If the latch can’t open, you will find it difficult to fold up the scooter.

  • Adjust the handlebar

Ensure the handlebars are pulled away from the column, if the scooter requires movement, you will need to press the release button real hard to the handlebars. Afterward, move it from the steering column as soon as possible.

  • Clean up the lever of the truck, using a damp rag

If you can’t open the steering column clasp and the quick-release lever, folding the scooter will be difficult. You will need to use warm water to damp a paper towel or a cloth, then use it to clean up the surface, remove the debris that is on the surface of the lever. Once you are done check the level again and ensure its working.

  • Take the scooter apart and clean it if up if you still find it difficult to clean.

If the scooter is still hard, then it due to a huge amount of accumulated debris; this can sometimes prevent its parts from movement. You can use 5 millimeter which is approximately 0.20 inches. Turn the screw in an anti-clockwise direction, this will help release the lever that is located in between the steering column and footpad.

  • Use and oil-based lubricant to clean each metal component.

Now you will need to use WD-40 or any form of cleaner directly on the lever, this will help improve their function. Wipe away the grime found on the surface of the metal using an old rag. Once they appear clean, it’s time to reassemble each part of the scooter and test run for accuracy. If the folding mechanism still appears fixed, you will need to call the attention of a professional.

How to Unfold a Razor Scooter?

A reversal on the above step will help unfold your scooter. Although the process requires great caution and can lead to damage on the scooter if it’s not done meticulously.  The steps involve varies greatly with the kind and model of the scooter. You will need to consider options like the fitting, the braking system and current pressure on each tire.

Once all is set and down, you will get a locking sound notifying the success of the entire process. If you don’t notice the sound, repeat the process using the following steps:

  • Get hold the T-tube of the Scooter

Start by holding the T-tube of the scooter with your arms.  This is the first step in the entire process. Ensure you have enough clarity regarding the process to avoid structural damages and potential dangers.

  •  Press down the footrest

The next phase is to press down the footrest.  Use the left or right hand to do this, and gently apply force when starting and vary the force upward when needed. It is important to bear in mind that, there are scooters that are delicate, so it is important to carry out the process with caution. Make sure you fold the scooter properly before progressing to the next step.

  • Drag the release lever up

The next phase is to drag the lever upward. Although, this may require some level of expertise or experience. So it’s advisable to stay away if you lack the necessary expertise or experience.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to be a pro while folding and unfolding a razor scooter, you will need to create out time to practice the above steps; this will only make you get better with time. Fold and unfold the scooter when it’s not necessarily.  We recommend seeking support where necessary. This will ensure the entire process is carried out carefully with a perfect outcome. So, fold, unfold and ride your kick scooter to reap its amazing benefits.

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Problems that Everyone face while unfolding razor scooters

If you cant unfold a scooter and having a hard time. Press the thumb lever and another one to lift the handle section. For this situation, you might need to use some WD-40 if there’s any rust.

Sometimes you have a situation like, the t-tube got stuck and can’t raise it. Then simply turn your scooter upside down. You can see a push button. Press it in and pull out the T-bar. Then replace it!

Unfortunately, If your scooter is yet not opened out, that is because the debris adhered to the release lock. So, check the parts and clean the debris and try one more time.

Some additional tips

Before I finish up this topic, there are some things I need to add too. These things are vital for your razor scooter to survive.

Let’s come to the point, always ensure that you generally follow the user manual of your razor scooter. Doing so will keep you away from shortcuts and damaging your bike.

The second thing is if you can’t fix your scooter take a deep breath and accept that you can’t fix it. In case you don’t know what is actually happening to your scooter, the best thing to do would be to call an expert technician to help.

At last, always make sure that you utilize your razor scooter in the most effective way possible. While you have figured out how to fold the scooter, you should also take your time as needed to figure out how to unfold the scooter in the correct manner.


Q. How do you fold an urban scooter?

  1. Slide the grips out. Press the release button that is located close to the T-tube.
  2. Slide the T-tube down. Ensure the T-tube is unclamped with the use of a lever, then drag the T-tube downward.
  3. Fold it, and you are good to go!

Q. Do micro-scooters fold?

No, they don’t. Although, the handlebar is detachable from the footplate, and this gives room for easy transportation or storage.

Q. Do electric scooters fold?

It all depends on the activity they are designed to perform and what they are created for.  The primary aim of folding a scooter is to store or convey it easily. Although some electric scooters are designed for kids that cannot be folded, this is so because children can’t go through the rigorous steps involved during a folding process.

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