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Everything You Need to Know About Child Scooter Size

Everything You Need to Know About Child Scooter Size

You child’s safety should be your number one priority no matter what you do for them. Same goes for the kick scooters as well. But, that does not mean you have to make them sit inside the house all day long. You can avoid the risk factors by buying the right child scooter size and following other safety instructions. So, today I am going to help you understand why you need to select the right child scooter size and how you can do it.

I am a mom to three beautiful kids, and it was never easy. I had back to back babies and they always kept me engaged and the thing that kept me most concerned is their safety; to oversee that they do not get hurt. But, I also allowed them to have as much as fun as they could and there are a few better alternative than a nicely designed kick scooter. But, they needed to have the right size so that they could have fun, learn quickly and stay safe at the same time.

So, I did my research on the kick scooter and tried out different brands to see which one provides the best size for the kids and which one is the safest. After having the much practical knowledge I think it is only wise for me to share my finding with other cautious parents out there. Thus, I am here to share my knowledge about child scooter sizes with you so you can ensure the safety of your child.

Why Does Scooter Size Matter?

There are many important reasons why the scooter size is so vital for your considerations. Some of the most important points are as follows;

  • Safety: This is the main reason why child scooter size matters so much. We want our kids to be safe and they would not be safe if they do not get a scooter that is appropriate for their body size. Aside from accessories, your baby with safety gears; you must also buy the scooter that is the right size for the child.
  • Comfort: You do not want your baby to feel discomfort with the ride, do you? Well, that will happen if the scooter is way too big or way too small for him/her. You need a scooter that can hold him/her properly so that there are no chances of any discomfort.
  • Balance: One of the best features of a well-reviewed scooter is its ability to be balanced in every kind of road. So, if you want your kids to enjoy the proper balance then you must look for the perfect child scooter size for them to ride on.
  • Quick Learning: If you give them the right scooter then it will be far easier for them to learn the scooter-riding more quickly. As people tend to perform better with the appropriate tool the same rules are applied here as well.
  • Speed: Getting your kick scooter to its fullest speed can be a problem if you do not have the right size. If it is too big then you will find trouble getting and moving it around and if it is too small, your kid will not be able to cover more surface in a short time. SO, to ensure proper speed you need the right child scooter size.


Different Available Sizes

  • Toddlers: If your kid is from 3 to 5 years old and weigh average with the height of 95-112 cm then you should look for a scooter that is Under 70 cm tall in height. The deck should be as flat and big as you can find but the height should not exceed 70 cm
  • Potty Trained: If your kid is from 6 to 8 years old and weighs around 34 or less and is around 112-126 cm tall then you should stick with the child scooter size that falls around the 60 to 75 cm mark. You should not try to anything much bigger than this height range.
  • Growth Stage: This is the period when your child will be at their full growth rate and thus you should be very careful about the scooter size. If the child is around 126 to138 cm tall and his/her age is around 9 to 12 years then you should stick with the scooter that has 65-83 cm in height.
  • Teen: In their teen days your kids will definitely try to buy adult sized scooter which might be a big mistake. You should stick with the size that is appropriate for them. So, if their height is from138-149 cm and their age is around 13-14 years then the best child scooter size for them is 77-88 cm.
  • Late Teen: In this aged state your child would be looking at different tips and tricks article to find out how to perform scooter stunts. So, you need to buy them a bigger scooter so that they can be safe. From age 15-17 it is highly advisable that they should have a scooter with 80-90 cm height attached to it.


How to Choose the Size

  • Choose By Height: This is one of the most used parameters while choosing the perfect child scooter size. You should measure the height of your child and then buy the scooter according to the height chart.
  • Determine the Foot Size: Some kids have larger feet than the others. So, you should pay a close attention to the feet size and then determine the size of the deck accordingly and thus determine the scooter size.
  • Look for Adjustable Scooter Body: There are many high-end scooters that can be easily adjusted according to the need of the users. You can try to buy one of those as those will save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money at the same time.
  • Identify Growth Rate: You child’s growth rate is also another major contributing factor to determine the scooter size. If he is growing too fast then you should buy a bike with a big gap on the larger side as he will eventually grow with it.


So, I hope now you will be able to pick the right child scooter size without any worries. Simply follow the size chart and you will be able to pick the right scooter. Remember, it is never a good idea to encourage your kids to do stunts. Instead, encourage them to practice safety when they are using the scooter.

That is all the information I had on selecting the right size. Hopefully, it was very helpful for your guys. I am going to conclude my article with that note. Until then, take good care of yourself and have a good time.

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“Hey, are you out of your mind?” - this is what I often hear when people see me performing some really dangerous stunts. While most people use scooters to commute, … Read More

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