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How to Hang Skateboard on Wall Without Nails: Best Method!

How to hang skateboard on wall without nails
Written by Colin Kint

Looking for ways to hand your skateboards on the wall, but can use nails? We’ve got your back. There are numerous ways you can hang your boards without using nails or damaging the wall.

Join us as we explore a couple of different methods on how you can hang your skateboards, longboards, or mini cruisers on your wall without using a single nail. Let’s get started.

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails: Best Methods

Plastic hooks and adhesive strips

Things you need

  • Plastic hooks

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails : Plastic hooks

You can hang the skateboard on the wall and keep the wall spotless using these types of hooks. “Command” is one of the most popular brands with their 3m plastic hooks used for this purpose.

Many of these plastic hooks have the weight capacity written on the packaging. A skateboard can weigh more than 4 lbs in cases. Check for the weight capacity according to the weight of your board. A small adhesive strip means that it can hold less weight; i.e., the bigger the strip the more weight it can hold.

  • Adhesive strips

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Adhesive strips

You do get adhesive strips with plastic hooks but the ones sold separately as refills are more sturdy. They also come with a higher weight capacity.

  • Fishing nylon

Fishing nylon to Hang Skateboard on a Wall

Next up, you need fishing nylon. The nylons have enough tensile strength to hold your skateboard and keep the wall neat. 0.25mm line will be appropriate for a skateboard that will hold up to 7.7lbs of weight when knotted.

  • T-tool & measurement tape

T-tool and measurement tape

Remove the trucks with a T-tool. Use a Phillips head screwdriver instead in case you don’t have a T-tool nearby. You’ll need a measuring tape to determine the location of the hooks on the wall.

  • Cleaning products (optional)

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Cleaning products

You may want to clean certain spaces on the wall where you’ll mount the hooks. You can use a soft piece of cloth with a bit of white vinegar to get rid of the dirt.

5 steps to hanging your skateboard without nails

  1. Set the measurement for the hook

Set-the-measurement-for-the-hook - Set the measurement for the hook

First up, measure the height from the floor and remember where you want the hook to be. Mark the spot if you need. Keep in mind that this point will be aligned with your board’s upper trucks when hanging vertically.

A good rule of thumb is to measure the height from the floor on both sides of the wall and make a line by connecting the 2 points. This will especially be helpful when hanging several boards side by side.

  1. Prepare the wall

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Prepare the wall

The adhesive strip will fit best if the spot is nice and clean. Dip a piece of cloth in vinegar and rub it onto the intended area for the hook. It will dry faster and no grease will be needed.

  1. Mount up the hooks

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Mount up the hooks

Read the instructions on the packaging for your particular adhesive strips and hooks. If you have the special refill strips, then you may want to skip the regular strips that came with your plastic hooks for better weight capacity.

Normally, the strips have glue on both sides – one side is for the hook and the other is to stick on the wall. Peel off the non-stick thin outer layer from one side first and stick the hook with the strip. Then you’ll need to remove the layer on the other side and stick it to the selected spot on the wall.

Now wait for about an hour to let the adhesive set.

  1. Get the board ready to hang

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Get the board ready to hang

Loosen the truck bolt using your T-tool. Get some fishing string, push the string through the hover holes on the deck, tie a knot to make a loop and cut the extra strings for a cleaner look. You can actually use any string you like for this part such as shoelaces or nylon.

  1. Hang the boards

Hang Skateboard on a Wall Without Using Nails - Hang the boards

  • With trucks

If you want to hang your skateboard with the truck, route the string around your board and draw it further down to the upper truck so the pressure on the string turns to the upper truck and on the hook itself.

  • Without trucks

If you want a cleaner appearance or simply want to showcase the art on your decks, you can choose to hang your boards without the truck as well. Grab a T-tool and remove the truck from the deck, then hang it onto the hook using the fishing line.

Some Other Methods You May Also Try

  • Surfboard rack

Hang Skateboard on a Wall By Using Surfboard rack

These racks can be useful if you want to showcase your skateboard but don’t want to hammer a nail at the same time. The only way to do this is to use a “construction adhesive” that has the strongest hold. A pair of these surfboard racks will perfectly hold your skateboard horizontally.

  • Skateboard wall hanger

Hang Skateboard on a Wall By Using Skateboard wall hanger

You can mount these dedicated skateboard wall hangers using strong wood-to-concrete adhesive products without nails. They also come with screw holes but you may not need to use them.

One hanger will hold your skateboard with the trucks vertically. The wheels will rest on the hook. You can shelf your board horizontally with two of these hangers side by side.

  • Skateboard shelf

Hang Skateboard on a Wall by using Skateboard shelf

Similar to the previous one but a lot simpler in design, these skateboard shelves can be mounted on the wall with a proper adhesive product. They’re designed to hold your skateboard both vertically and horizontally.

Some tested adhesives you can use to mount wood on the wall

You can apply any of these glues to mount wood, plastic, and other similar material on the wall. These are strong enough to hold all Different types of skateboards.

  1. Gorilla glue (heavy duty)
  2. Dap dyna grip (heavy duty max)
  3. Liquid nails (fuze*it)
  4. Loctite power grip (ultimate)


1. How do I store my skateboard on the wall?

Ans: Mount a shelf on the wall or use plastic hooks, wall hanger straps, garage hooks, or guitar hangers to store your skateboard. Keep it away from harm and ready-to-ride.

2. What is too cold for a skateboard?

Ans: You should not leave your skateboard in the garage or out in the open for any period of time, especially in winter because your board may lose its appeal and quality over time. Make sure you store your board in a dry and comparatively warm place.

3. Can you skateboard in snow?

Ans: Not with your regular snowboard. You need a snowdeck or a snowskate to get a taste of skateboarding when the ground is covered in the snow.

Some snowboard and ski lodges have terrain parks built for snow decks and snowskates. They’re nothing like skating on a warm road in the summer but are pretty fun to ride.

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