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Is a Knee Scooter Better Than Crutches: Pros and Cons

is a knee scooter better than crutches
Written by Brian G Smith

You could be recovering from a surgery or an injury spotted on your ankle, knee, or foot region –using a knee walker or crutches can most times be helpful if you intend to get around pretty fast and easy. Although, in some cases, there are lots of people who’re stuck with the option of knowing which of the suggested means of movement is more comfortable.

Not until recent times, the use of crutches used to be the only solution most people anchored themselves too whenever the need arose.

Today, most patients are given top-quality knee walkers or often iWalks as an alternative method of moving from one point to another after a surgery or an injury.  This is the main reason a lot of folks prefer the use of scooters than using crutches for mobility.

So, the question is, are knee scooters really better than crutches? And if so, how exactly?

Pros & Cons of Knee Scooters & Crutches

Pros and Cons of Knee Scooters & Crutches

Crutches are one of the most issued devices to individuals who had undergone surgeries or injuries. Now, I will want you to consider crutches as tall canes pairs that can be placed below the arms. And your body weight is forced to balance evenly on two sides of the crutches as a result giving you the privilege to strike and maintain a balance while “hopping” on the other foot.

Importantly, it allows you to move safely and have out weight off the injured foot. The use of crutches is accompanied by lots of advantages, but similar to another medium of transportation, crutches also have its disadvantage as well.

The Pros of Crutches

  • If you enough upper body strength, then using crutches can most times be a perfect and suitable choice. Once you’re are familiar with the steps involved when using it, walking fast with it becomes quite easy.
  • A pair of crutches allow you to gain enough control when it comes to pace and speed of motion. Using it also provides a perfect position for your hand and wrist to help prevent and control fatigue and pain.
  • A bit different from other forms of mobility, crutches allow you the privilege to maneuver over a wide variety of terrains like uneven surface and rough with ease.
  • But if you’re on a budget, going for crutches can be the best alternative. Crutches are inexpensive and can be used without prescriptions. They are obtainable in most local medical stores or online.
  • It quite easy to move with crutches; to this effect, they serve as great alternatives to most extrovert patients.

The Cons of Crutches

Similar to most devices, in as much as they have their advantages, so also is some measures of disadvantages they are accompanied with.

  • One of the significant disadvantages of crutches is the uncomfortable feeling that is most time accompanied by using it, especially within underneath the arm region. Irritation underneath the arm is one of the common discomforts most users are faced with when it comes to the use of crutches. On the other hand, excessive usage of crutches can most times lead to wrinkling of clothes.
  • Sure it takes some effort of practice to get used to using crutches properly, and most times, if your upper body lacks the right measure of strength –then it becomes impossible or a bit difficult to make proper use of the devices.
  • Overcoming stairs at home or offices can most time be a daunting task, since both arms are occupied, carrying things alongside becomes pretty tricky too.
  • There are instances where crutches can’t just fit in perfectly into doorways. For older folks or those with mobility issues, the adoption of a knee walker can be a perfect option/recommendation. The knee worker is handled and designed to function similarly to the performance of a mini scooter. The device is created with three major wheels positioned similarly to that of a tricycle and has a pad built to rest your knee, and a handlebar meant for control.
  • The knee walker allows users to cruise on their preferred pace while at the same time, keep your body weight off the other leg without suspending your body on crutches.
  • The knee walker is also similar to crutches and has its pan of advantages and disadvantages that affect its mobility too.

The Pros of Knee Walkers

  • One significant advantage you need to consider before buying a scooter is how easy the device is to handle. When compared to the use of crutches, they appear breezier to use, to this effect; the device tends to be the most suitable option for older people.
  • Since the walker is a bit closer to ground level, it creates more stability than the use of crutches. Using a knee walker provides more comfort due to the presence of the knee padded. If you have cast on, then the padded part of the wheel makes it a bit cozy for you to move around with less stress.
  • The scooter can easily be used to move from one place to another, and once you’re familiar with its operation, it becomes less clunky; making it easy for you to get through doors easily. Once you’re out of motion, both hands are always free, allowing you the privilege to complete whatsoever you want.
  • If you’re using a knee walker, then you have a lesser room of concern when it comes to slipping off surfaces, and one of its major advantages is that they can be maneuvered with little or no upper strength.

The Cons of Knee Walkers

As usual, the pros overshadow the cons of a knee walker, although the device still has some drawbacks we will want you to consider before going for any purchase.

  • One major disadvantage accompanied by the use of knee walker is the price. They are more expensive when compared to the price of crutches.
  • Though using a knee walker is pretty easy than the use of crutches, but you still have to go 2-3 times to overcome its learning curve.
  • Another factor to consider is the inability of the device to be used while ascending or descending stairways, and this can be a concern for some people.

Which One to Pick: Knee Scooters, or Crutches

If you have read through this entire piece, I can boldly say you have understood the pros and cons that exist when using knee walkers or crutches. So, now you can choose the right device you intend to use for mobility. Although each device has its pros and cons but seeking the attention of an expert can also help you make the right choice too.

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