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Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Review – Outdoors & Sports

Is a scooter only bound to kids? Many of us think that a kick scooter is always for the kids. Phoenix scooters have changed the idea by manufacturing a scooter that can easily accommodate adults easily. Phoenix Session Pro Scooter is the kind of ride that can be comfortably used by grownups to adults. Your size does not matter to ride on these phoenix pro scooters. A 6 feet tall rider can firmly, get in as it has got the wide and long T bars.

No problem to place your feet in this ride. It has got enough space on the deck to make it really comfortable for you. It’s the kind of ride that is lightweight and helps to master your stunts. You can watch new tricks from the professionals and practice with it to get the excellence. With all the advantages Phoenix scooters also have some demerits that need to be improved. Many of the users found the wheel is not that of good quality. After a few days of use, it gets torn easily which is really unexpected.

Whom is this product for?

Whoever loves to ride a scooter, it’s the right scooter for him or her. There is no classification to run with this scooter. You can consider this as a kids scooter when your kids are trying to learn how to maintain the balance. On the other hand, you can also try new moves with this lightweight ride. Long and wide T bar of the ride allows a range of users to ride in it. You can forget the age barrier and enjoy an anxiety-free ride on your roads and parks. So you can surely imagine it’s not the perfect ride for the persons who are in need of the mobility scooters.

Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Explained

These Phoenix scooters are lightweight just 9 lbs of weight. When you are searching for stunt scooters, this might be a great option for you. It can help you to adopt new tricks by practicing over and over again. 4.75 inches wide decks help to accommodate your foot nicely. You get the proper grip here to perform the stunts. It can be the stunt scooter for you to learn and try. It has got the 3 bolt phoenix flex braking system that will help a rider to stop at the right time and run again. It will be helpful to avoid a collision to some extent.

Like the motor scooter, you might not get the speed, but its 110mm wheels are really efficient to give you a bump-free ride. When you have an ABEC 9 bearings with the wheel, it’s ensured to have a smooth and fast rolling of the wheels without any doubt.


  • Weight 9lbs
  • Size 31.8mm
  • Color Neo Chrome


  • Perfect ride for grown-ups and adults
  • Phoenix scooters give you the agility
  • Lightweight pro scooter
  • Large 110m wheels helpful to ride
  • Reinforced recon bars
  • High-quality compression with the ride


  • The wheel did not work well
  • The fork snapped after few days riding

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question : Is this ride flexible with the height?

Answer : A range of people with 4.0-6.5 feet can easily ride on this Phoenix scooters.

  • Question : How long are the scooter bars?

Answer : The bars are 24.8″ T x 23.6″ W. It helps to accommodate grownups to adults easily.

Our Remarks

Phoenix scooters come with the strength to tackle any adult person. No matter how much weight did you gain it can help you to cruise all around. Long and wide T bars make it really comfortable for a tall rider. The grown-ups will also find it helpful for their commute. When you are looking for an adult scooter Hudora 230 Adult Scooters can be another one as it has got the capability to tackle about 264 lbs and here with Phoneix you get quite the same. Its strong and wide deck gives you the ease to ride comfortably.

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