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How to Ride a Kick Scooter: A Complete Guide with a Safety Gear List

how to ride a kick scooter
Written by Colin Kint

It is not easy to ride on a motorcycle. If it’s dangerous then you will need to give proper attention to the process involved. The same challenge is applicable to kick scooter.  If safety procedures are not observed, one can accidentally ram on someone or an object.

It is important to take out time and learn all the steps involved in riding, folding, or unfolding before taking a ride on a kick scooter. All steps involved must be carried out properly to survive out there in the streets. The activity is enjoyable and super cool from every perspective but can be a spark of danger if not done with caution. Below are the tips you need to adhere to if you want to enjoy your ride in the long term.

Safety Gears to Wear

Listed below are the essential safety gear you will need to put in place before getting out with the scooter.


This gear will help to protect your head and also prevent/ control injuries when you fall to the ground or encounter an accident. You may not need a helmet if you are riding a knee scooter but for regular kick scooters, you should wear one. We recommend a helmet with a clear vision that allows you to see from any desired angle.


To protect your fingers from getting injured you will need durable gloves. We recommend using half finger gloves since they are designed with an exposure that allows your finger to have a perfect grip on a scooter brand.


Elbow and knee caps are recommended too. You will need to maintain a suitable balance on the scooter while learning, and in some cases, falling off can seems to be the best solution to keep yourself safe from a fatal accident. Using durable caps on your elbow and knees will keep you safe from injuries.


There are special boots that are used specifically for a scooter. The boots are enhanced with Anti-Slip mechanisms to help you gain balance. We recommend using boots that fit you perfectly and ensure the boots sustain your balance properly.

Riding Gear

Gears that are suitable for a kick scooter are usually designed to be very light.  You can use leather pants since it is more durable than fabric. Ensure your gear is weatherproof and breathable always.

How to Ride a Kick Scooter – Step By Step Guide

How to Ride a Kick Scooter

Once all the necessary gears are in place, then it’s time to get going with the kick scooter. One important factor to bear in mind is that your level of patient and commitment has to be steadfast. Though children and adolescents are more prone to kick scooter injuries, adults should be careful too. Below is a guide on how you can get a head start.

Start On a Flat Road

Ensure the field/ place you intend to ride whether on a skateboard or a kick scooter is safe. Use an open field that has enough space, with little or no traffic, no vehicles or obstacles.

Use a Proper Stance

Get help from a friend. If your buddy is a sports lover, you can seek assistance from them. An alternative to this is to follow the guidelines shared.

Push Off the Ground with Your Strong Leg

Get the scooter out. Place your arms on the handlebars of your scooter and ensure the bars are held properly.  Now place one leg on the ground. And position the other foot in the middle of your deck.  Now push! To get the scooter moving.  Do ensure to move at a slow pace.

Balance Both Feet on Your Scooter

Start moving. Create movement with the other foot that was placed on the ground. Kick the foot to generate enough force to propel you from one point to another. Ensure the kicks are quick and short. Minimize your speed by avoiding powerful and long kicks that can increase the speed of the scooter since you are still learning.

Regulate your balance.

This will help ensure that the scooter is stable while in motion. Once you are in motion, you can try kicking with either of both feet to reduce the stress on your legs. When the scooter is fully in motion you can keep both of your feet on it.  Keep both feet at the center of the deck while in motion. Riding over a short distance will be a good idea, especially for beginners.

Brake Smoothly When Needed

If you intend to slow your speed, then it’s time to take a slit press on the deck of the scooter. Although a long press will bring you to a complete stop within seconds. If you are rolling down the hill, do ensure your foot is positioned rightly on the break.

Rotate the Handlebar to Turn

To take a turn, you will need to turn the handlebar slowly. Don’t do this instantaneously; since it can take you off balance, especially when you jerk on a fast lane.

Practice for perfection.

Repetition is the mother skill of mastery. The more you give yourself to practice, the smoother and enjoyable the ride becomes.

Seek your instructor’s approval

You can ask your instructor to evaluate your performance and see if you are good to go on a long ride.

Tips for the Beginners

Here are some tips you can adopt especially as a beginner. You can increase your thrill with the following tips.

  • Ensure you have the right gear before taking a ride
  • Make sure the field you intend to ride on is paved and smooth. Avoid busy roads
  • Learn the steps to breaking your speed when needed
  • To make a smooth turn, rotate the handlebar gently
  • Be cautious when riding on a kick scooter
  • Practice and patient will only improve your performance. So practice!

Keeping Your Kick Scooter Safe

To make your ride more enjoyable, you will need a kick scooter that is designed with a suitable shape.  To carry this out, you need the following.

  • Ride in a safe place
  • Ensure the ground is free from bumps and flat enough to allow easy movement
  • Examine and service all movable parts on the kick scooter
  • Keep the scooter in a safe position once you are done
  • Keep it clean always

Strict adherence to the following tips will work perfectly for adults and kids. We have shared all that is important and necessary for you to get started if you were wondering about how to ride a kick scooter. Practice and follow the safety rules; it will help to perfect your skills and with time, you can try out some tricks like a pro.


Which foot do you put on a scooter?

Once you are on your kick scooter, place your foot in the middle of the deck. And place both hands directly on the handle, now use your free foot to give three to four kicks. Make sure this is done gently.

Is a kick scooter good exercise?

Riding on a scooter can be a means of transportation and workout that is accompanied by many benefits including amazing health benefits. It allows you the privilege of combining exercise with commutes, and this is one of the necessities for a healthy leaving.

How fast can you go on a kick scooter?

Normally, we can cover two miles within an hour, while an average kick scooter rider can go up to nine to ten miles within an hour.  Logically, your average walking speed is increased to about eight to nine miles in an hour when you use a scooter.

Is a scooter faster than walking?

When compared to the average walking speed, a kick scooter is faster.  It is approximately five to six times faster than walking when you’re riding on an average speed. The average speed of a scooter is about 10 mph while walking speed is 2 mph. when compared to working speed, the kick scooter is faster.

Can you ride a kick scooter on the sidewalk?

It is not advisable to ride on a scooter within a walking path. Most electrical scooters are not permitted to ride on public roads, except the road has a bike lane.  In summary, it is not advisable to ride your scooter on a sidewalk, recreational trails or bikeways.

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